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Zuora OneID Office Hours: General Q&A - April 2024 

04-04-2024 11:42

As part of our ongoing support of our upcoming legacy login deprecation, we are holding monthly OneID office hours with Principal Product Manager, Bharath Marimuthu who was on-hand to answer questions after a brief discussion on the 2-step OneID migration process.

Office Hour Questions

  1. What is the date this will be the required log in process for the Sandbox and Production accounts?

  2. How will it sync to one username and password?

  3. What is the impact on the integration user?

  4. An org might have shadow resources for a project who use credentials of client facing resources for sandboxes only. After OneID, the client facing resources shall log in to OneID and then all instances (Sandbox and Prod) will be available to access. How do we manage this situation?

  5. What if we are currently using Okta integration for our users to login to Zuora?

  6. In the future, will New OAuth be allowed for any testing purposes?

  7. Can you confirm if OneID adheres to industry-specific regulatory compliance standards? Additionally, for auditing purposes, customers need to access certain information. Could you guide me on how to generate a report from OneID that includes the following details:

    • Identification of each new user account created within a specified timeframe.

    • The administrator or user responsible for creating each new user account.

    • Details on the creation of new roles within the system, including the creator of these roles.

    • Information about which administrators assigned users to specific roles.

    • A comprehensive list showing which roles have been assigned to each user.

    • Timestamps for each of the activities mentioned in points 1-5, indicating when each action was performed.

We need these details to meet specific auditor requirements. If it's not possible for you to provide the report directly, could you please instruct me on the process to generate such a report within the OneID?

  1. What are best practices for OneID and shadow resources?

  2. Are there any enhancements to reporting capabilities out of this One-ID platform? We are currently on the Unified Authentication method, which allows Export User Listing. However, there does not exist a column that displays the users’ login method (ID/PW, SSO,etc.).

  3. Is this migration mandatory and when is the latest date by which this should happen?

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