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Collect Enhancement Release

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    Posted 02-06-2019 15:47

    Collect Enhancement Release

    6 February 2019


    Statement Generator Enhancements

    On Tuesday, 19 February 2019, Statement Generator will release two new enhancements to increase functionality and improve customer usability. These enhancements will not disrupt current usage, but will impact displayed information in your Statement Generator instance.  


    Customer Notification Email Template

    Customize the look and content of the email template used to notify customers of their statement.


    Customization options include:

    • Ability to add company branding images
    • Modify color schemes and styles to match company requirements
    • Configure template content using text or HTML
    • Add BCC recipients


    This announcement will be update with a link to documentation prior to release.


    Additional Default Statement Template

    A new default statement template will be provided with new formatting and an updated UI for increased customer usability. The new template can be modified and configured to fit your business requirements and then uploaded into existing or new feature instances.


    Visit the Knowledge Center to learn more about these enhancements.