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Now in GA: Native Ramp Deals, Enhanced Orders, and Orders Harmonization

  • 1.  Now in GA: Native Ramp Deals, Enhanced Orders, and Orders Harmonization

    Posted 11-29-2021 13:55

    Im excited to announce Native Ramp deals, an enhanced Orders experience, and Orders harmonization are now generally available! These new capabilities help our customers achieve greater Agility, Automation and Intelligence in their subscription business.



    Ramp deals enable B2B enterprises to accelerate revenue growth by orchestrating complex multi-year customer contracts upfront at the initial sale. These ramp deals help companies align deals to long-term customer value, creating Win-Win partnerships. But for many, ramp deals are too hard to implement, too hard to track, too hard to understand.


    No more. Zuora is the only player in the market that enables native ramp deals capability with complete quote to revenue orchestration. Ramp deals unleash powerful new ways to re-imagine how you package and price, negotiate contract terms, and empower your sales teams with more flexibility. 


    Some highlights:

    • Automation: The quote to revenue process is fully automated from start to finish - no more manual workarounds or customizations
    • Agility: Weve made it effortless to adopt Ramp Deals including a more efficient orchestration experience with the ability to enter a complex, multi-year deal in a completely streamlined flow 
    • Intelligence: Were bringing more insight into the performance of ramp deals, with Net MRR, TCB, and TCV metrics that customers can view at every time interval and charge type.

    Check out the power of ramps in this quote from Absorb Softwares Business Process Team Lead, Emad Issa: 

    The new native ramp deals functionality enables us to report on multi-year ramp deals and provides further flexibility for us to create varying levels of prices, or discounts, that fit our new and existing client budgets. We are excited about the enhancements in MRR net of discounts. We can now save precious time by creating multiple amendments in a single order. These features will help us focus on expanding our business and provide accurate metrics to our board and executive team. 



    Customers can now enjoy automation benefits from Orders, enabling them to capture multiple subscription changes in a single order and make changes to multiple subscriptions all at once. These improvements provide significant automation enhancements to customers, helping them save valuable minutes on each Order that add up to a lot of time savings for the billing ops role. Some key details:

    • Greater efficiency with a streamlined order creation, searchable orders and a charge segment view 
    • More flexibility to modify charge trigger dates and preview an invoice based on billing periods
    • Enterprise grade APIs with 30% faster processing speed 



    Today, we are also making it radically simpler for existing Subscribe and Amend customers to adopt the power of Orders. Before todays release, it was a big technical lift to adopt Orders, and one that came with some risks. With this release, we are enabling the Subscribe and Amend and Orders environments to be run concurrently, complete with a sandbox environment where customers can get familiar with the new workflows and adopt Orders on their own timeline. Even more important, weve made data migration optional. And were deploying a plethora of resources to make it easy. 


    Here are some key benefits for Subscribe and Amend customers that adopt orders: 

    • Automation More efficient order creation and ability to make changes to a single or multiple subscriptions - significantly reduces the number of subscriptions customers need to manage. We estimate up to 40% time savings in subscription management for customers relying on the Orders experience. 
    • Intelligence Ability to see the financial impact to subscription changes instantly and at a glance for key metrics like Net MRR, TCB and TCV 
    • Scale Enterprise grade, 30% faster APIs and reduced risk of timeouts 



    For all customers already on Orders:

    • In app product tour - Quick walk through of whats new in the Orders experience
    • Demo video on Ramp Deals
    • FAQs
    • New community portal where customers can ask questions or share success stories

    For Subscribe and Amend customers that need to adopt Orders 

    • In app product tour - Quick walk through of how Orders work
    • Guide to Getting Started. A robust guide that details the end-to-end experience by function and user role
    • FAQs
    • New community portal Access the Guide to Getting Started, FAQs, ask questions, and share success stories 


    Orders Orchestration Webcasts
    September 17, 8:30-9:15 AM PDT / September 17, 4:30-5:15PM BST
    September 17, 2:00-2:45 PM PDT / September 18, 7:00-7:45AM AEST

    Note: Customers can access all of the new capabilities in Sandbox starting today. Production deployment is September 10. Get ready!


    • Already using Orders? Check out whats new in the in-app product tour and explore the new functionality. If you would like access to the Ramp Deals feature, please reach out to your Account Executive. Ramp deals is free for Enterprise and Nine Customers, and Growth customers who have Zuora CPQ. 
    • Need to adopt Orders? Open a support ticket. And remember to visit the Zuora Orders Community feed to ask questions and get access to resources 


    Chris Battles
    Chief Product Officer at Zuora

    #Product Updates