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Announcing Zuora Revenue, Powered by RevPro®

  • 1.  Announcing Zuora Revenue, Powered by RevPro®

    Posted 11-29-2021 13:54

    Today, we are excited to announce that Zuora Revenue, powered by RevPro® is now generally available for purchase!  Zuora Revenue is a new release of the product formerly known as RevPro.     


    Last week we announced the full integration of Zuora Billing with Zuora Revenue -- Zuora Revenue, the latest release of RevPro -- solidifying Zuoras current position as the only order to revenue platform truly built for unique needs and complexities of the Subscription Economy.   


    All existing RevPro customers will get Zuora Revenue, and many will see our new logo today when you log into the product.


    Zuora Revenue, powered by RevPro, is available for purchase by both existing Zuora Billing customers and new customers.  Customers who also buy Zuora Billing and use the integrated version will benefit from the additional use of: 


    • Continuous subscription revenue recognition to manage transaction complexity by uniting billing and revenue to enable subscription businesses to achieve a faster close


    • Regulatory process automation to recognize revenue while minimizing risk for financial regulations such as ASC 606, IFRS 15, Standalone Selling Price (SSP), and performance obligations under GAAP


    • Real-time subscription data collection and forecasting on actual revenue unlocks business growth


    There has been lots of buzz around our name change to Zuora Revenue (formerly known at RevPro).  We have updated our logo to Zuora Revenue, powered by RevPro --  Zuora Revenue is the latest version of RevPro, which is now fully integrated with Zuora Billing.  The core functionality of Zuora Revenue is the same thing as the RevPro product.  


    Our suite of products now include Zuora Revenue, Zuora Billing, Zuora CPQ and Zuora Collect.  


    Zuora Revenue, powered by RevPro, can be used by non-subscription businesses and subscription businesses as a standalone product for all of your revenue, or as an integrated product with Zuora Billing for your subscription revenue.  With our integration, Zuora Revenue is currently the only automated revenue recognition application built for subscription businesses' entire Order to Revenue process and their ASC 606 and IFRS 15 needs.


    You can find out more about Zuora Revenue on our Whats New , learn more about revenue automation in a 25-minute Master Class by our partner PwC, or give Zuora Revenue a Test Drive.

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