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Notification Of Zuora Revenue API Migration

  • 1.  Notification Of Zuora Revenue API Migration

    Posted 09-22-2021 21:36
    Edited by Aslam Ali 09-22-2021 21:36

    This is a notification of the ongoing migration process for the Revenue Integration API (RIA) service. To use the migrated RIA services, actions are required for both the Zuora Operations team and the end API users.


    Migration summary

    Currently, the Revenue Integration API (RIA) service is deployed on a standalone server in AWS. Migration progress is ongoing to migrate the RIA service from a standalone server to a cluster in AWS.



    After the migration is completed, the RIA service will benefit from the following aspects:

    • The service is more scalable.
    • The service is easier to maintain.
    • There is a unified version of the service.
    • The service can support new features such as signed URLs and data collection APIs.
    • There is no need to restart the service after patch deployment.


    Migration schedule

    The migration is already done for sandbox environments. It will be completed for production environments by the end of this year.


    Action required (API end users)

    If you are using the standalone version of Zuora Revenue APIs, you need to update the existing URL for the migrated RIA service appropriately and test the RIA service with the new URL before January 31, 2022. The existing standalone RIA service will not work after that date.


    As indicated in the table below, the current string you are using in the API URL should be replaced with the sandbox or production UI hostname followed by the string api.


      Previous string in the API URL New string to use after migration
    Sandbox https://integration-sandbox.revprooncloud.com https://<revenue-sbx-ui-hostname>/api
    Production https://integration.revprooncloud.com https://<revenue-prod-ui-hostname>/api



    For example, the Zuora Revenue Customer A is using the following URL to access the UI on Sandbox1:

    UI URL: https://customera-snd01.revprooncloud.com


    The following URL is used to access APIs:



    The API URL is used in the following CURL command:

    curl --location --request POST 'https://integration-sandbox.revprooncloud.com/customera/integration/v1/authenticate' \
    --header 'role: Revenue API Role' \
    --header 'clientname: Default' \
    --header 'Authorization: Basic QVBJjpXZWxjb21lQDEyMzQ='


    After the RIA service migration, the new API URL should use the hostname for the sandbox UI as follows:



    The URL used in the CURL command should be updated as follows:

    curl --location --request POST 'https://customera-snd01.revprooncloud.com/api/integration/v1/authenticate' \
    --header 'role: Revenue API Role' \
    --header 'clientname: Default' \
    --header 'Authorization: Basic QVBJjpXZWxjb21lQDEyMzQ='


    Postman collection

    The Postman collection is available here at RIA API.