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  • 1. Hotfix deployment (Production)

    Posted 02-10-2022 13:15
    Edited by Jaisimha Vakati 02-11-2022 08:19

    We will be deploying to your Production on 13th February, between 08:30 PM  & 11:30 PM Pacific. 

    Here are some of the critical issues that are being addressed. 


    Technical Framework

    Problem Description

    Unbilled conversion

    After full RORD is collected, CM-RO line is collected for the invoice amount. UR to UR reversal occurs for the CM-RO line instead of UR to LR.


    The SO number link in RC Workbench is enabled for customers who do not use Billing - Revenue integration to navigate to Zuora Billing UI, which ends up in error. This is a unified authentication issue, which has been fixed.


    This is a UI naming change on the Revenue main menu. The item called Revenue Insights under Dashboard category is renamed as Revenue Analysis.

    BI3_RC_SCHD_DEL View

    Duplication issues occur to the BI3_RC_SCHD_DEL BI view during collection. This problem is being addressed in this hot-fix

    UI - Unified Authentication

    Users with Multiple role have an issue switching between roles and role priviliges

    LTST Performance issue

    This is a performance issue occurring to the LT/ST process with real-time summarization, which has been fixed.


    Job Group status not showing in the schedule job tab. This issue has been addressed.

    Accounting Report RC filter - performance Issue.

    The Accounting Report takes 20 minutes to run for just one revenue contract. This problem is fixed by updating the query hint used in the query plan.

    Performance Fix

    Close Process Dashboard - Performance Improvements

    Performance Fix

    RCO Acct summ program is waiting for a long time as the Gather stats program is running. This issue has been addressed.

    Note: This deployment applies to all customers that are on and above

    Jai Vakati
    Zuora Support

  • 2.  RE: Hotfix deployment (Production)

    Posted 02-11-2022 14:54

    Update to the deployment date- We will be deploying to your Production on 12th 13th February, between 08:30 PM  & 11:30 PM Pacific. 

    Jaisimha Vakati