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Zuora Revenue Hot-fix deployment (

  • 1.  Zuora Revenue Hot-fix deployment (

    Posted 10-13-2021 14:17

    We will be deploying a hot-fix to your sandbox on the 13th of October between 08:30 PM Pacific & 11:30 PM Pacific

    Production deployment is scheduled for the 17th of October between 08:30 PM & 11:30 PM Pacific 

    With this hot-fix, we have added a new feature for customers to be able to refresh their sandbox instance themselves. A new 'Self Service Refresh' page is deployed.  

    Here is an overview of this new feature- https://knowledgecenter.zuora.com/Zuora_Revenue/AD_Zuora_Revenue_testing_environment/Refresh_Zuora_Revenue_sandbox_by_yourself

    Here is a summary of issues that have been addressed in the previous hot-fixes. For details refer release notes

    • Multi Org Enabled customers:
      • Log in and Certain UI task issues ( only for customer with 40+ Orgs)
      • Event Process Performance fix.
      • Summarize Current Period performance fix.
      • Data collection performance fix.

    • Extended SSP Price was incorrectly calculated based on the original SO sell price instead of the net sell price when both Credit memo (CM-R) and Return Order(RORD) collected (This issue only impacts customers who are using both 'CM-R' and 'RORD' transaction types.)

    • The amounts in the reporting currency are not correct in the Unbill Rollforward Report. This has now been corrected. 
    • Data Interface/ Inbound Integration page delete performance issue fix.

    • LT/ST Reclass job failure when the job is scheduled from the all organization role.

    • This bug only impacts customers using real-time summarization. This problem has been identified as a bug for the netting process where the real-time summarization call is not available. Code has been fixed to resolve this issue. 

    • We encountered an issue where there was no price change on the subscription but contract modification was triggered. This fix is only for customers with Zuora Billing - Revenue Integration.


    • We will be deploying this hot-fix to all customers with release and above  (Including Group1 and Group2)
    • Please raise a support ticket if you have any questions.

    Jai Vakati