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Zuora ID Is Available For You To Check If Your Tenant Is Impacted By An Incident

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  • 1.  Zuora ID Is Available For You To Check If Your Tenant Is Impacted By An Incident

    Posted 08-26-2021 16:19
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    In September 2021, we will be enhancing our Zuora Trust messaging feature to make it easier to view and track issues that impact you.  Below is a short overview of what you can expect from this improvement.

    1. Use of the new Zuora ID (ZID) will be used when posting issues to Zuora Trust Site that only impact select tenants.

    2. Standard messaging will include the Scope of Impact statement which will help define potential customer tenants and environments impacted.  In some cases, initial messaging may be "TBD" if we need to conduct more investigation on the Zuora side and will be updated as the investigation continues.

    Here is a Q&A on this topic highlighting what can be expected from these enhancements

    Q:  Can you show me what this looks like in the Zuora Billing UI?
    A:  Yes, of course. Navigate to your Zuora Billing UI and under the drop-down for your account, select "Profile"

    Click "Manage your profile" and navigate to the bottom portion of the window

    My Zuora ID (ZID) is ZID-NA2-SBX-03

    Q: What might this look like on Zuora Trust?
    A:  See example below:

    Q:  Will we always see a Zuora ID (ZID) associated with an incident description posted to Zuora Trust?
    A:  Not always; it depends on the scope of impact across our entire datacenter.  In some cases, an issue may impact everyone - in which case we could call this out as impacting "All Tenants" or "All Customers", and in other cases we may have an impact on a specific application type like Sync or Workflow.  When appropriate, and specific to "a subset of tenants" we will use this new descriptor when impact is limited to a smaller group and to allow customers to know when THEY are impacted.

    If you have more questions, contact Zuora Global Support.

    Michael Cardamone
    Sr. Manager Support Operations
    Zuora, Inc.