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Upcoming Promo Codes App Release 1.3: August 2020

  • 1.  Upcoming Promo Codes App Release 1.3: August 2020

    Posted 07-21-2020 10:26

    Upcoming Promo Codes app release


    The Promo Codes application release 1.3 is expected to be deployed to all production instances on August 5, 2020. In this release, we will provide additional functionality and simplicity around Campaigns and custom fields management for Promo Codes.


    Release notes for this release will be available under Zuora Commerce Release Notes. Community will be updated with a release status and a release notes link as we get closer to deployment.


    The Promo Codes app also provides a banner with additional details as you log into the application.

    What are the functional changes in this release?

    • Campaigns: Campaigns can hold multiple codes with different code types. 
    • Custom Field Hierarchy: Custom fields can be stored at the Global and Campaign level in addition to the child campaign (previously known as promo codes campaign).
    • Promo Code Management: Promo Codes in child campaigns can now be copied into the current Campaign, or moved to a new or existing Campaign.

    What are the UI changes?

    • The Promotions tab will be renamed as Campaigns on the home page. You can create campaigns in this tab.
    • A new Custom Fields tab will be added on the home page. Here you can add, remove, and edit Global custom fields. 

    What are the API changes?

    A new API object called Campaigns will be introduced in this release. Several APIs to operate on this object will also be available.

    How do I prepare for these changes?

    There is no additional work needed for these changes.  All previous APIs will continue working.  Any promo codes previously created will be migrated to a new Campaign called Legacy, and can be managed from this Campaign.