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Unified Monetization is Now Generally Available!

  • 1.  Unified Monetization is Now Generally Available!

    Posted 12-06-2021 22:15

    With subscriptions rapidly becoming the dominant business model, companies have started launching hybrid offerings that bundle their subscriptions with products, professional services, usage components, and other one-time fees. Businesses worldwide now want to monetize the best of their subscriptions and products together. This shift can be found in every industry, whether it's a technology company selling teleconference hardware to supplement its software service, a manufacturer introducing telemetry services tied to its industrial equipment, or a media company offering live event passes on top of its digital streaming service. 

    To that end, we're excited to announce that our unified monetization capabilities (Order Line Items & Unified Invoicing) are now generally available! All Zuora customers can now monetize any combination of their subscriptions, products, and professional services, while delivering one unified, order, invoice, and payment experience to their subscribers. 

    Take a look at the Unified Monetization Release Notes for more details!

    Yash Mahajani