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Zuora University Courses Scheduled in 2021

  • 1.  Zuora University Courses Scheduled in 2021

    Posted 12-28-2020 09:13

    Announcing 3 more virtual classes in Zuora University: data query, accounting and finance, and analytics.



    This virtual session is designed for anyone interested in understanding Zuora Data Query features.  Pre-requisite: Knowledge of Structured Query Language (SQL) or any querying language


    Available in Different Time Zones - Register


    By the end of this session, youll be able to:

    • Pull reports/data through Data Query
    • Understand the benefits of Data Query over other exporting tools available in Zuora




    This training is designed for administrators, developers, and end-users of Zuora Billing. You'll learn about the new Zuora Analytics features within Zuora Billing that can help increase the functionality of core Zuora capabilities. You'll also learn how to configure Analytics features to meet specific business needs..


    9:00-11:00AM, Jan 18, CET - Register


    By the end of the Zuora Analytics Workshop, you'll be able to:

    • Identify features and benefits of the new Zuora Analytics product
    • Illustrate, with examples, how to use Analytics for specific use cases

    Prerequisites: We recommend that the students who take this class have basic knowledge of:

    • Zuora Billing
    • Zuora Data Model
    • Zuora Reporting




    This training is designed for those interested in the accounting and finance capabilities of Zuora.  You'll learn what configurations are available and how to apply them to meet specific business accounting and revenue recognition requirements.  


    9:00-11:00AM, Jan 19, PST - Register


    By the end of this class, you'll be able to:

    • Configure accounting codes and rules
    • Define and manage your company's chart of accounts
    • Create and manage accounting periods
    • Add and configure finance-related communication
    • Configure and manage aging balances
    • Manage customer fields
    • Create and manage accounting segments
    • Configure GL segmentation and revenue recognition rules
    • Define revenue event types
    • Period Close Process in Zuora


    Theres Something for Everyone in Zuora University

    All virtual classes are free to Zuora University subscribers. If you've been provisioned a Zuora University seat and you see the payment page while registering, email to secure a free spot in the class.

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