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Submitting a Zuora Support Ticket Just Got Easier

  • 1.  Submitting a Zuora Support Ticket Just Got Easier

    Posted 12-10-2020 13:00
    Edited by Lana Lee 19 days ago

    Zuora Global Supports number one goal is to provide you with world-class support. When visiting our Support Center, you can now search for answers from our knowledge base articles in the Knowledge Center, Community, Developer Center, and University.  


    Filters exist where you can hone in on your solution, and f you still need help, simply click on a button to Create a Ticket.  Our previous intake form is now a thing of the past. We now have a new experience that fluidly asks you for more information based on your product line. 


    Below you will find a video and instructions that will show you how to navigate our new intake form. If you have any questions for feedback please add them in the comments below.


    How to File a Ticket with Zuora Global Support


    For this video example, we will be filing a Zuora Billing ticket.  Zuora Revenue will follow the same process except you will initially select SUBMIT REVENUE REQUEST.  You may turn on the video's captions to follow alongside our demonstration.



    1. Log into
    3. Use the search box to find articles related to your issue. 
      • Use filters to refine your search and find relevant content from our resources. 
    4. If you still need help, choose the product category that best suits your issue and its corresponding sub-category. 
      • For example, if youre having a payment issue choose BILLING as the category and INVOICE as the sub-category. 
      • Click on CREATE A TICKET in the right-hand corner.
    5. Let us know if you have a QUESTION or a PROBLEM
    6. Enter additional information based on your selection.
    7. Be sure to fill in mandatory fields such as Subject Line, Tenant ID, and Description. 
      • Click on the blue tooltip icons for additional guidance.
      • Attach screenshots, detailed descriptions, and steps to reproduce your issue.
    8. To add someone to your ticket, enter their email address in CC USERS.
    9. Verify your information and click SUBMIT A TICKET upon which youll see a confirmation.