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[Table Talk Videos] How to Troubleshoot Your Workflows

  • 1.  [Table Talk Videos] How to Troubleshoot Your Workflows

    Posted 10-29-2021 20:03
    Edited by Lana Lee 08-28-2023 15:48


    On February 25, 2021 we had a Table Talk on How to Troubleshoot Your Workflows hosted by the Zuora Community with  

    • Steven Warren @StevenW, Senior Technical Support Engineer
    • Taylor Medford @Taylor, Sr. Engineering Manager
    • Anika Boyd @Anika, Application Support Engineer
    • Shruti Pundalik @Shruti, Technical Support Engineer
    • Vishakha Gandhi @VishG, Technical Support Engineer


    Below is our presentation, recordings, and questions from each session.  If you have any additional questions, please ask below.


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    [Playlist] How to Troubleshoot Your Workflows



    1. When we export / import workflows from API, is there any quick way to update the parameters and can we import multiple workflows in one time?
      For updating the parameters, I would say you can update them while copy and pasting the workflow json.Unfortunately you can export one workflow at a time.We also have APIs for that purpose:

    2. Are there any other recommended ways to create and manage a workflow instead of using the UI, (something like infrastructure as code approach)
      We provide a few workflow APIs to use instead through UI:

    3. What is the maximum limit for cleanup policy? Is 30 days the best practice to use and that's why Zuora defaults to 30 ?
      Max cleanup policy days is 45

    4. Are there any workflows or any documentation related to liquid statements in zuora for reference?
      Liquid:  Theres also a help tab for Zuora related liquid on the task dialog.  Also check out Using Liquid expressions in Workflow.

    5. For workflow iterations. It has the option to do batch processing. In our use case, we would like to delete usage in bulk. Although it is not working with usage deletion. Right now in our sandbox, it is taking 6 minutes to delete 1000 usage when deleting usage 1 by 1. I wonder if this performance is only limited to sandbox? Or is there a better way to do this?
      Batch processing, i.e., working by chunks would optimize your workflow. Chunking: If the subsequent task processes multiple items at a time, specify a number as the chunking size. Chunking is useful for bulk creating, updating, or deleting operations.

    6. Is there anywhere we can have access to an update parameter workflow Template? I have a 404 error when trying to perform mine.
      Please see this article and let me know if you have other questions:

    7. Sometimes after executing the workflow getting a message api rate limit. Why is this popping up? Does callout have any API rate limits ?
      Workflow follows the api limits as Zuora:

    8. Is there an example for using the manual file upload and using that in workflow? I had issues when tried to use the source data  from manual file upload.
      Try this link:

    9. The workflow worked when I tried updating some parameters on accounts via CSV import. However, it doesn't work on the PaymentAmount parameter of invoice.
      We have an example posted here:

    10. Some expressions or keywords that I used in ZOQL don't work in Data query.
      Data query uses full on SQL so SQL things will work and you have more flexibility.  ZOQL is SQL-like so there are a bit more limitations.

    11. What does this error mean? Oops, internal error occurred, please try it again, and if it still doesn't work, please contact Zuora support. Any changes in the workflow we need to do or need to contact support for those.
      Try opening it in another browser as these are a lot of times cache issues. If that is returned from the API, it is more likely to do with missing parameters/missing data/incorrect data

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