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[Postponed] Changes to Zuora Authentication & UI Login

  • 1.  [Postponed] Changes to Zuora Authentication & UI Login

    Posted 12-04-2017 10:15

    Zuora Central is the leading Subscription Order-to-Cash Platform. As part of our continued innovation, we are transforming into a microservices-based architecture and implementing the next generation of authentication and authorization functionality.


    What is changing?

    Changes to authentication and authorization will be behind the scenes and will not impact the user interface, the APIs, or your data. The changes will allow us to support a future transformation to a new User Interface and a microservice-based architecture. Were doing this to add more scalability and flexibility when introducing new functionality for you, our customers, moving forward.


    What is the transition plan?

    Were moving to the new authentication and authorization infrastructure in API Sandbox only; the transition should be mostly transparent to end users. We do not expect any downtime for this transition. Users that are logged in at the time of the rollout will be asked to log in again. We will have additional monitoring in place to spot any issues. If you find that something is not working as expected after the change, please feel free to reach out to our Support Team.


    When will this action take place?

    The date below is our target and may be subject to change.


    Thursday December 14, 2017 between 11pm-12am PST We've postponed the transition plan and we will provide a new date as to when this will be implemented. Please subscribe to this thread to receive updates.

    • Environment: API Sandbox
    • Planned Change: Cutover to new functionality
    • Result: When attempting to log in via a browser, youll be be re-directed to to log in there instead.

    NOTE: If youre using any browser password managers, including apps such as LastPass, the new login URL will require you to re-enter and re-register your password.