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On October 26th, the Zuora Community hosted a Table Talk on CPQ X which is scheduled for general availability on November 8, 2021.  Below, you will find the presentation and session recordings. In both sessions  @John Byrnes , CPQ Product Manager, and @Alan Chou , Software Engineer gave attendees a glimpse into CPQ X including: Why Did We Build CPQ X? CPQ X Overview Important First Steps Limitations and Functional Compatibility Demonstration Presentation AM Session Video PM Session Video Session Chat Q&As There are additional questions asked during the session, so be sure to check out ...
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The Zuora Community has a lot of excellent content that benefits users and they are interspersed within the Community.  To make these valuable, hard-to-find resources more readily available, weve compiled a list of our Greatest Hits.   Upgrade 360 but not quotes? Upgrading from Zuora CPQ 6 and 7 How to Remove "Price Summary" field in the Select Product step of the Guided Selling flow Tips to troubleshoot the problem enabling Bundling on Salesforce org How do I troubleshoot Z360 sync issue? How do I troubleshoot Quote template issues? Quote Template Sample with Advanced Customizations Best way to test quote templates ...