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Zuora Revenue Release Policy

By Zuora Community posted 02-22-2023 13:27


Zuora Revenue Release Policy

Version 1.1

The release schedule is subject to change. An exception release may be performed on an as-needed basis at Zuora’s discretion.  If there is no planned scope, a release may get canceled.

The release calendar is for Zuora's planned product releases.  For more information on planned maintenance releases that may have service disruption impacts, please see the notifications in the app.

Quarterly release updates are planned and may include new features and/or bug fixes. To minimize customer impact for the month-end financial close, Zuora Revenue provides two(2) release date options per quarter. Customers should select their preferred release option within Zuora Revenue.

The quarterly update will be released  to customer Sandbox environments approximately 4-6 weeks prior to the selected release option.  This timing allows customers  the flexibility to test before Production Release, if desired. 

For customers not yet live on Zuora Revenue, Zuora deploys biweekly releases to a customer’s implementation sandbox to ensure that customers can be prepared to go live with the latest release.

Emergency releases are possible, at Zuora’s discretion, for unexpected issues that disable a business-critical process with no workaround. Customers can request an emergency fix through theCustomer Support Manager team.   Zuora will review  requests on a case-by-case basis.  However, a potential fix may be provided as part of a quarterly release rather than an emergency release.  

Release dates and notification as following:

SBXQuarterly Release Date

Prod Quarterly

Release Date

Release Version

Release Notification (Group 1)

Release Notification (Group 2)




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Up keeping with the release versions:

In order for bug fixes to be applied in production, Customers are required to be on the latest code release; there will be no exceptions to holding off release deployment. For implementation customers, code release needs to be up to date up until code freeze, and this will be managed by the GS team as part of the project planning.