Zuora for Data Warehouse and Data Connectors

By Lana Lee posted 03-25-2024 12:02


Zuora Warehouse and Data Connectors are specialized tools designed for seamless integration and data transfer, contributing to efficient data management and analytics within your organization.  At our March 20th Table Talk, we were joined by product manager Sanjana Balakrishnan who gave an overview of each along with two demonstrations on Data Warehouse and the Snowflake connector.

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Zuora Warehouse and Zuora Data Connectors

Data Connectors

Zuora Warehouse  

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Zuora Warehouse is an elastically scalable data warehouse service that enables high-performance queries on unlimited data volumes which is a benefit for organizations who need to perform complex data analyses.  

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Zuora for Data Warehouse and Data Connectors

Zuora Data Connectors 

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These connectors facilitate direct transfer of Zuora data to your warehouse which 

empowers you to create reports and dashboards using your preferred data tools.  We have 10+ new Zuora Data Connectors for widely-used services like Google BigQuery, Redshift, Databricks, S3, MySQL, etc. and Zuora Snowflake Connector is already GA.

New Zuora Data Connector Types

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Zuora Data Connector’s "export to data warehouse" feature supports export to common data warehouses, databases, and object storage providers where destinations include widely used data warehouses, databases and object storage: 

  • Data Warehouse​ - BigQuery, Databricks, Redshift

  • Database - MySQL, Postgres, Athena

  • Object Storage​ - Google Cloud Storage, S3

If your preferred vendor is not listed below, please contact your Zuora representative for further assistance.

Zuora Data Connector Overview

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Zuora Data Connector seamlessly integrates Zuora data into chosen destinations providing centralized view alongside other data sources and enhances data management, analytics, and decision-making.  Zuora supports over 90 Billing and Revenue objects - view full list.

Key Features

  • Eliminates the need for APIs

  • Requires no coding

  • Simplifies integration complexity

  • Supports scalability and flexibility

  • Provides access to a wealth of valuable data

  • Ensures compatibility across SQL dialects and data types

  • Offers flexible refresh frequency options

  • Grants access to 10+ connectors for enhanced integration capabilities.

What’s Planned

  • Synchronize 90+ Zuora Billing Business Objects to customer’s choice of destination.

  • Synchronize 20+ Zuora Revenue Business Objects to customer’s choice of destination.

  • Data integrity checks and Transfer log status.

Data Synchronization Options

  • 24 hours (EA), 60 minutes (GA).

Demonstration: Snowflake Connector

Watch Snowflake Connector Demonstration

Zuora for Data Warehouse and Data Connectors

Example: Big Query Connector

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Customers can utilize the warehouse's native integrations with various BI tools. 

Example Big Data Connector

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