What’s New with the Advanced Payment Manager Functionality

By Lana Lee posted 01-26-2024 10:37


On January 10th, the Zuora Community hosted a Table Talk with product manager, @Megan Aaron who shared an overview of Payment Profiles, the modernized replacement to Zuora Collections’ Advanced Payment Manager functionality. Payment Profiles enables payment flexibility for your subscribers where payment methods and gateways can be associated with subscriptions instead of accounts. 

Payment Profiles will be part of Zuora’s payment operations and accessible to all customers by the end of the quarter. 

Leverage Advanced Payment Orchestration to Achieve Faster Time to Value

In a changing payments landscape, versatility of payment operations is critical in helping improve collections efficiency. 

  • Payment Method Flexibility
    Associate payment methods and/or gateways with subscriptions instead of accounts to increase payment success

  • Subscription-Centric Payment Logic
    Group invoices to be processed in a scheduled payment run
Advanced Payment Orchestration
Advanced Payment Manager Zuora



Will Advanced Payment Manager still exist? 

We will work with all existing customers to help them migrate to the new functionality of Payment Profiles. Payment Profiles will replace the Advanced Payment Manager application. 

Is Payment Profiles an add-on feature?
No, Payment Profiles will be accessible to all customers, there is no fee.

When will Payment Profiles be available?
It will be generally available this quarter. Please reach out to your AE to learn more. 

Any customers interested in joining our Early Adopter program, should reach out to their AE to learn more. 

How do I indicate subscription payment details?
With the subscription details of the account, there are two new fields ‘Payment Gateway’ and ‘Payment Method’ which can be populated by selecting from the drop down list.
Enable the Payment Run processing option to use the subscription details and payment processing will continue. 


[DEMO] What’s New with the Advanced Payment Manager Functionality

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