4 Essential Zuora Reporting Tools for Zuora Billing and Revenue

By Lana Lee posted 11-20-2023 11:57


Zuora Reporting provides a comprehensive view into the financial and operational health of your subscription business. Here are 4 tools recommended by Zuora's Managed Services team to help gather metrics to help you make strategic decisions and gain insight into your system health.  Learn more about each tool by clicking on the video icon to watch the session recording.

1. Data Query 

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With the flexibility of SQL, you can use a single data query to retrieve data from multiple objects that have not been pre-joined by Zuora.

Reporting Data Query

2. Analytics

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Analytics provides a pre-computed library of essential subscription metrics that helps users of Zuora track the health of their business, make business decisions informed by data, and ultimately uncover and drive new revenue opportunities.

Zuora Analytics

3. System Health 

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Dashboards displaying key metrics on usage, performance, and failures of your Zuora products to diagnose issues and take actions efficiently.

  • API dashboard displays data in the last 14 days and other dashboards display data in the last 30 days. 
  • Use these dashboards to monitor and gain insights from system metrics in real-time. 
  • Specify the time range and subset of data using the filter on each dashboard. 
  • Customize notifications (alerts) and thresholds/windows based on your business’ needs

Available System Health Dashboards:

Billing, Payment, and Platform

Zuora System Health Dashboard

4. Revenue (Close Process Dashboard)

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The Close Process dashboard contains multiple tabs that help you to identify problems across the major phases within the month-end process.

Zuora Revenue Close Process Dashboard

Zuora Managed Services for All Your Reporting Needs

Our Managed Services team provides weekly reports on platform metrics, stats on business processes, and trends and observations allowing your organization to scale day-to-day operations with a named team to gain hands-on execution and expertise, scale recurring maintenance tasks, and reduce errors and cost for maintenance. Learn more about Zuora Managed Services here or ask your account manager for more information.