What’s New with HTML Invoice Templates (2023)

By Lana Lee posted 09-22-2023 13:16


We last introduced HTML Invoice Templates to the Zuora Community at our December 2021 Table Talk with additional resources in our HTML Invoice Template community group. Fast forward to September 2023, we have several exciting updates which we shared in our most recent office hour with Alexis Camanga, Associate Product Manager, Dong Han, Software Engineering Manager, and Tony Shen, Senior Software Engineer.

If you missed this session, please see the video and presentation below.  We've also posted the session's Q&A in the HTML Invoice Template discussion group here.

Zuora Tool Tip: Zuora Data Schema

Zuora Data Schema

The Data Schema on the lower left hand side helps you view the Zuora Object Model!

  • Familiarize yourself with the Zuora Object Model
  • Copy merge fields so syntax is correct
  • Provides field type (string, float, boolean, object)

Past, Present, and Future Roadmap

Jan - June 2023

June - December 2023


Support for Previous Transaction table

Support for new objects from new features (i.e. Offers)

All new tenants start with HTML templates

Assist customers with migration from Word to HTML templates (i.e. Zoom)

Translation Profiles for Localization in HTML templates

Enhance existing components and functions

HTML template for a Statement Summary 

Configurable PDF Generation with HTML templates

Header / Footer customization


Autosave (save erroneous template)

Deprecate mail merge Word templates

Feedback on HTML Templates with Presentment

  • Roadmap questions, comments 
  • Under development
    • HTML-based summary statements for Accounts, Translation profiles with HTML, Configurable PDF generation
  • Why move to HTML?

Export Template: Commonly-Used Examples 

Download the JSON Export Template |  → Watch a Demo of the Export Template

@Alexis Camanga created a template that covers the syntax along with more examples commonly used in HTML invoice templates so you won’t need to recreate them or start from scratch including formatting, the if/then statement using fields (example below) and others:


If / Then Statement using fields (i.e. account currency)

If the account currency is USD then print this statement and the subtotal, else print the following statement

"{{Invoice.Account.Currency}}" == 'USD' 
'Print this statement if the account currency is USD <br><br>Subtotal: {{Invoice.Account.Currency|Symbol}}{{Invoice.AmountWithoutTax|Localise}}'
'Print the following statement if the account currency is not USD (CAD)'

If / Then statement using fields (i.e. rate plan charge type)

If the charge is a usage charge print “something different”, else print “x because charge is one time or recurring”

Charge Type: 
"{{RatePlanCharge.ChargeType}}" == "Usage" 
"Something Different" 
"Print X because charge is One Time or Recurring"


→ Learn More

Watch Video | View Presentation

HTML Invoice Templates Office Hours-Sep 2023

Stay Tuned for the Next Office Hour

We plan on hosting another session soon. In the meantime, please continue sharing your questions and feedback in the HTML Invoice Templates group so that we can prepare code and templates to help make your lives easier.