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By Lana Lee posted 05-25-2023 13:50


On May 23rd @Ishir Vasavada, Technical Product Manager- Data Management Services hosted a Product Table Talk where he shared an overview of Custom Objects and Custom Fields and discussed the product roadmap.

Standard vs. Custom Objects

Custom objects provide more flexibility for storing data and performing operations. Zuora has a list of standard objects for Billing, Finance, Payments and Revenue where they have their own purposes like invoices and usage-based billing. Custom objects are more flexible where you can modify them to your use case.

Standard Objects Custom Objects
  • A store of organizational data with differentiated and default capabilities
  • Specific purpose
  • Non-changeable
  • Part of the Zuora standard business offering: Accounts, Subscriptions, Products, etc.
  • By Definition, Custom Objects deliver custom capabilities to adapt to an organization’s data needs
  • General purpose
  • Flexible and extensible
  • An extension of Zuora’ standard Data Model

What Are Custom Fields?

Custom Fields help store the data for a custom object record and can be thought of as ‘Attributes’.  They can also be utilized to associate two objects i.e. establish a relationship.

Zuora utilizes two Custom Field types: Indexed and Non-Indexed that can be chosen based on performance requirements.  Custom fields are tailored according to implementation needs and integrate with other components of the customer’s overall IT infrastructure, including provisioning, web-ordering, customer relationship management (CRM), and financial systems. 

Custom Objects can be created for various reasons depending on your data needs, organizational goals and industry. See examples below:

Examples of Custom Fields

Product Roadmap

Our product themes include unifying Custom Objects and Fields and fully integrating them with the Platform ecosystem along with functional expansion.  Ishir highlighted the following updates:

  • New Custom Fields for Zuora Objects
  • Granular User Permissions
  • Reports and Exports
  • Usage Monitoring
  • Custom Object: Extensibility i.e. parity with Zuora Standard Objects

New Custom Fields for Zuora Objects

New Custom Fields


​​A field type to support a numerical data value including decimals/fractional amounts

A field type to support whole numeric values (excluding decimals) > Whole, Negative or Positive numbers

A field type that provides users a way of entering strictly True or False values

New Custom Fields


A field type that allows users to select one or more option from the picklist values.

A field type that allows users to establish a base to custom relationship between standard and custom objects

A field type that allows users to enter weblinks and navigate to external systems

Granular User Permissions

Granular User Permissions

Secure Access for Custom Object Definitions and Records

  • Customize access permissions  for performing CRUD operations on Custom Objects
  • Admins can grant access permissions to a selected set of users based on their specific role

Reports and Exports

Generate exports for Custom Object Records directly from the Reporting Exports UI

Report Builder via Data Query
Utilize the Report Builder for creating reports  on a Custom Object surfacing key metrics and analytics

Bulk Export Object Records
Generate exports for Custom Object Records directly from the Reporting Exports UI


Usage Monitoring

Custom Object Usage
Track incremental usage of Custom Object Definitions and Records to stay below provisioned limits

Trend Monitoring
Identify the Object Definitions with the highest usage and monitor creation trends for up to 30 days

Custom Object: Extensibility

Unified Custom Field Management

  • Manage Custom Fields for all Objects in a centralized location
  • Unlock the current limits on Custom Fields (including Indexed fields)

Parity with Standard Objects

  • Generate Custom Reports
  • Send Notifications
  • Optimize Data Query performance
  • View Object:Object Relationships 

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Custom Objects and Fields - May 23, 2023

About Custom Objects and Fields

Learn more about custom objects and fields from our Knowledge Center which includes custom object definitions, APIs, and records.  Our custom fields documentation includes an excellent overview on how to use custom fields with examples on how your organization can leverage them along with guides on how to manage custom fields and objects that support custom fields in Zuora.

If you have any questions about custom objects and fields, the Community group is a great place to ask them as we have our Zuora experts, partners, and other customers there to help you.