Learn More About Zuora’s API and SDK v2

By Lana Lee posted 01-19-2023 16:13


On January 17th, the Zuora Community hosted a Table Talk with @Alex Knights, Senior Product Manager of Developer Experience and @Izzy Johnson, Senior Software Engineer as they gave an overview of Zuora’s latest version of the API and SDK.

The session began with a Zuora tool tip on how to reduce the number of requests you make to Zuora by expanding objects in responses using the Quickstart API. This could increase the performance of your system by addressing the n+1 problem with API requests.

All objects in the Zuora API have unique IDs you can use to retrieve, update and delete these objects. The Zuora API also uses these IDs to link related objects together. An invoice, for example, links to a customer account by the account_id. But not all properties can be expanded. The Quickstart API Tutorial has an Expand Responses page that includes a table of all the objects and fields that can be expanded.

Using Expand
The session included a demonstration on how to modify requests to

  • include properties from related objects
  • properties from distantly related objects
  • additional properties on all objects in a list
  • properties that aren’t included by default in a response

If you are trying to do something really complex involving very large volumes of data then you should consider data query.

Learn more about the latest version of the Zuora API and SDK from the following presentation and videos. While both sessions cover the same material, we had different conversations that you might find interesting.

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Zuora APIs and SDK v2 Table Talk Sessions

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