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[Videos] Deployment Manager Overview and Central Sandbox Best Practices

By Lana Lee posted 04-28-2022 16:33

On April 27th, Zuora Community hosted a Table Talk on Central Sandbox Best Practices which included an introduction to Central Sandbox with best practice sharing and a discussion of how to choose which Sandbox to use (API or Central) to complement your environment strategy.  

The Table Talk also included demos of recently released capabilities for self-service refresh dashboard of Central Sandbox and Deployment Manager. Both of these capabilities continue to deliver on our commitment to improve overall experience for our technical users by:

    •  providing an easier, on-demand option to refresh production data in Central Sandbox without submitting support tickets and 
    • a point-and-click configuration migration tool which derisks promotion of QA’d configurations from a source tenant to a target tenant with a consistent, repeatable (and reversible) process.

If you missed it or just want to review what was covered, you can rewatch the Table Talks on-demand now.

Ready to get started on your Central Sandbox journey? All the resources you need are below. Reach out to your CSM when you’re ready to add Central Sandbox to your environment mix or for any further questions.

Helpful References

    • Deployment Manager

Q&A Highlights

    • Is there any effect on production environment performance during Central Sandbox refresh?
      There should be no impact on your production tenant performance.
    • What isn't included in each Central Sandbox Refresh? Settings, product catalog, payment gateway settings, etc.?
      Generally, Central Sandbox refresh will provide a full copy of your Production tenant, including business objects, metadata (e.g. tenant settings, custom fields), and surrounding applications like Zuora Collect, Zuora Workflow; the refresh will scrub certain components - PII, credit card data, notification endpoints.
    • Do I have to have Central Sandbox to use Deployment Manager?
      No, Deployment Manager is accessible in Production Tenants for Enterprise and Nine Edition clients and may be used across all environment types (API SBX, CSBX, and PROD).

      In Production tenants, Deployment Manager is automatically enabled. If you would like it enabled in your API or Central Sandboxes, please reach out to support. 
    • Is Deployment Manager a licensed module that needs to be purchased separately?
      No, Deployment Manager is included for Enterprise and Nine Edition clients and Silver & Gold Platform clients.

      Clients on Growth Edition or Bronze Platform should talk with their CSM if they are interested in upgrading to take advantage of this time saving tool.

    • Is Self-Service Refresh for Central Sandbox available only to administrators?
      By default, yes, Self-Service Refresh is enabled for tenant administrators only. Additional users can be given this permission by assigning the “Refresh Central Sandbox” permission to their user role.

      Zuora recommends discretion when adding this permission to roles to ensure only those users which should have access are provisioned.

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[Playlist] Central Sandbox Best Practices

Get Started with Central Sandbox and Deployment Manager

With Zuora’s Self-Service Central Sandbox, you will no longer need to file a support ticket to refresh your environment and you will have a view of what happens after the refresh kicks off. Additionally, Deployment Manager helps you manage the metadata configurations deployment process effectively and efficiently in Zuora.