Zuora Analytics Webcast Takeaways: Recording, Slides, FAQ

By Kevin Suer posted 02-08-2023 16:09


Seeing something new in your left navigation bar?  You now have access to Analytics!  (Not seeing it yet?  Learn more about Analytics permissions here.) Were excited to bring you industry-leading subscription analytics, verified by the Subscribed Institute.

In a recent webcast for our customers, Kevin Suer, Senior Product Manager, walked through how to:

  • Access dozens of essential subscription metrics including Net MRR, Net Retention Rate, Subscriber Churn, and many more right out-of-the-box 
  • Explore insights and trend analyses on a configurable, self-service dashboard
  • Easily build and customize datasets, slice and dice data, and convert it into a single currency view

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Where can I find the Subscribed Institute guide to subscription metrics? 

To get insight on all the essential recurring revenue metrics and when to use them, the Subscribed Institute has released the Definitive Guide to Subscription Metrics. View this guide to learn how you can leverage different metrics to uncover insights about your subscribers.  And check out the helpful definitions along the way, making this guide your new go-to resource!


I am able to view the dashboard but I am not able to view the "3 dots" in the upper right-hand corner of each card and don't have the "ADD CARD" button, is this a permissions issue? 

If you do not see the three dots (otherwise called the Card Action Menu) or the Add Card button when viewing the Dashboard, this indicates that you are an Analytics viewer, not an admin. Your Zuora platform administrator will need to update your Analytics permission to Analytics Admin in order for you to see these additional options.  


If we have different packages that the client can subscribe to, can we track the MRR per subscription package?

Yes, Analytics was designed to help you get insights and understand MRR trends by package. Many customers will model a package in Zuora as a rate plan and Analytics provides the ability to analyze MRR or ARR by rate plan. Further, Analytics makes it easy to breakdown any metric by other essential fields on the rate plan charge, or product objects.


Is it possible to drill down to the detailed records behind any metric (for example, see a metric by individual customers)?

Yes, you can do this using datasets. While the default datasets provided by Zuora out of the box do not have the accounts built into them, you can create a new dataset individual account fields like Account ID, Account Number, and Account Name to see metrics by Account. Datasets allow you to view metrics at a very granular level and you can create datasets as large as 100M records.


Can you display multiple currencies?

Analytics does allow you to create Datasets and Cards in whatever arbitrary currency you are interested in. Simply select the currency of your choice (or leave metrics unconverted in the transaction currency) when configuring your metric configuration options in the Dataset Editor.


Can you have more than one dashboard?

Right now Analytics support one dashboard per tenant. Any edits that are made to the dashboard are visible to all users who have access to Analytics within your tenant. 


What kind of tenant roles can edit the cards?

Click here to view all of the details on roles/permissions for Analytics. 


Is there a limit to the datasets you can have?

Yes, there is a limit by edition. Growth edition customers are entitled to up to 10 datasets,  Enterprise edition up to 50, and Nine edition up to 100. In the near future, Zuora will offer customers an option to purchase additional datasets for those tenants that run into their edition dataset limit. 


Is there a limitation on the number of fields you can add for a single dataset?

You can have up to 40 fields and up to 60 metric columns. 


What time each day does the dataset refresh?

On the card detailed page, you can view what time your data is set to reset. This is automatic and can not be adjusted.


Is it possible to somehow query the dataset contents to an external data warehouse?

Datasets can be exported as CSV via the export options located within the product. We hope to add in options for programmatically querying datasets via API so that they can be synchronized into customer data warehouses.


Are you able to schedule an export of the datasets?

Dataset exports cannot be scheduled at this time.