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How Does Zuora Global Support Handle Defect Releases?

By Zuora Community posted 04-26-2023 11:51


After an issue is confirmed as a product defect, there will be an estimated time of arrival (ETA) of the fix release version shared with you in the support ticket.  The release schedule for each release version will be posted by the Zuora Release Management team in Zuora Community - Release Notifications.

After the thread of the target fix release version is posted in the forum, the Zuora Global Support team will share the link of the thread with you in the support ticket, and then the support ticket will be marked as Solved.

You can join the Release Notifications group to get updates about the release deployment status, and receive notifications when there is any change happening to the release schedule.

After the fix release is deployed, you can verify the fix. If the result is not as expected or if there is further assistance needed, you can reopen the support ticket (when its status is Resolved) or create a follow-up ticket from the original support ticket, and the Zuora Global Support team will continue to assist with the inquiries.

(To change your subscriptions, go to Group Notifications. To unsubscribe from the Release Notifications group, go to Unsubscribe.)