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Foreign Exchange Management for Sales Orders, Invoices and Credit Memos in Zuora Revenue (Recap and Presentation) 

09-25-2023 16:08

In Zuora Revenue, there are primarily four scenarios of foreign exchange management where Zuora Revenue provides reports in different currencies for you to view and translate into revenue values for each scenario:

  1. Sales Order vs. Invoice
  2. Invoice vs. Credit Memo
  3. SSP Allocations in Multi-Currencies Revenue Contract
  4. Posting to General Ledger

As each scenario is important in foreign exchange management, we will separate the topic into a two-part series part 1 will focus on sales order vs. invoices and invoice vs. credit memo this month (September) and part 2 in November will round out the series with SSP allocation in multi-currencies revenue contract and posting to the general ledger.

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