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Re: New REST API document and sample code



I did notice it was AS IS. Right now we don't have any of the REST libraries in production code, but we are fussing around with them to see how they work. We have a combination of REST and SOAP calls now (our own custom libraries) - has been that way ever since the beginning. We liked REST, and thought it would be possible for all of our uses, but quickly found out that we needed to fall back on some of the extended SOAP functinality.


Notice, though, that the code that was generated MATCHED the documentation. The documenation explicitly said that Balance and InvoiceBalance were requried fields, and the constructor attempted to inforce this. I haven't checked back since my post. It wasn't just a case of the generated libaries being out of date with the YAML - the current documentation was wrong. Maybe they have been fixed. However, they are simply not required. In fact, the exact opposite.


I don't doubt there are issues. I am OK with fussing with the library and improving it. Regardless of the code we use, we end up testing everything over and over. Our custom libraries have had their share of bugs too.


Are you using the .NET version of the autogenerated code? I haven't seen any issues with dates yet. They seem to serialize into the native DateTime with out any issues. But then again, I haven't gotten TOO far into it...