Re: New REST API document and sample code

@dfrulla we had a load of issues using the generated code from the swagger. 


One thing that you'll have a hard time getting anyone to admit is that currently auto generated code from the YAML files is unsupported and wrong in so many places. In our implementation we have an open risk item that says that we should not be using the yaml files. You should raise this with your implementation PM as it is well known just not talked about. 



Also note, that one of our big stumbling blocks was dates and times. Zuora has wrapped old SOAP services that produce one time format and the new Rest services produce a standard time format. The result is that different endpoints will produce different time outputs (there have been comments in other places about timezones also being wacky). 


Next, there is no change management in place for the swagger file. In March Zuora completely changed the backend object model naming without any form of communication. 


It's a little sad that, you weren't told this officially by Zuora or as the first response in this thread. 


So to re-state base on our own pain and our outstanding issues - the autogen code is not usable for production and for us it hampered our development process. 


If you want proof, you should open and read the YAML file ->


 termsOfService: |
    *************PLEASE READ BEFORE USING THIS SPECIFICATION*********************
    This OpenAPI specification of the Zuora REST API is provided “AS IS”, for reference purposes only. 
    Zuora does not guarantee or make any representations regarding the use, results of use, accuracy, security, timeliness, or completeness of any data or information provided in this specification. 
    If you, the customer, use this specification in your implementation, you are responsible for making sure that your implementation is functional and secure. 
    Go to [Zuora Community]( to report issues or discuss this specification with your peers.