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Re: API Changelog



Doc Updates


This section lists the documentation updates that were made in this version of the API Reference.


  • Added the following operations that are part of the Orders feature:
    • Preview order
    • Create and activate order
    • Delete order
    • Update order custom fields
    • Update subscription custom fields
  • Added notes in the descriptions of the following operations that are restricted by the Orders feature:
    • Preview subscription
    • Create subscription
    • Update subscription
    • Renew subscription
    • Cancel subscription
    • Suspend subscription
    • Resume subscription
    • Create account
    • Subscribe
    • Amend
    • CRUD: Update subscription
    • CRUD: Delete subscription
    • CRUD: Create amendment
    • CRUD: Update amendment
    • CRUD: Delete amendment
  • In operations that return order actions, added the missing discount field in the updateProduct > chargeUpdates > pricing object. The responses of the following operations have been updated:
    • Get all orders
    • Get an order
    • Get order metrics for evergreen subscriptions
    • Get orders by invoice owner
    • Get orders by subscription owner
    • Get orders by subscription number

    In the responses of the same operations, added descriptions of the following fields:

    • addProduct > chargeOverrides > pricing > discount > discountAmount
    • addProduct > chargeOverrides > pricing > discount > discountPercentage