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Notification and Event API Changelog

This changelog outlines the latest REST API updates and documentation updates in the Notification and Event API. The Notification and Event API is in Limited Availability.




API Updates

  • Notification Definition - Made the following updates:
    • Changed the endpoint /notification/notification-definitions to /notifications/notification-definitions.
    • In the request body of the “Create a notification definition” and “Update a notification definition” operations, and in the 200 response schema of the “Query notification definitions” and “Get a notification definition” operations:
      • Changed the calloutTemplateId field to the callout field.
      • Changed the filterRuleTemplateId field to the filterRule field.
  • Event Triggers - Changed the endpoint /ocp/event-triggers to /events/event-triggers.
  • Removed the “Callout Template” and “Filter Rule Template” sections.
  • Removed the "Create callout options" operation to avoid confusion.



Doc Updates

  • Changed the name of the API from "Notification and Event Services API" to "Notification and Event API".
  • Added a CURL example for the “Update an event trigger” operation.




API Updates

  • Renamed the following fields:
    • In the Event Triggers operations, changed apiObject to baseObject.
    • In the Filter Rule Template operations, changed expression to condition.
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