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Re: API Changelog



API Updates


This section lists API operations and fields that were added, changed, or removed. The following API updates are available as of the August 2017 release, R215.


  • Credit Memos - In the "Create credit memo from charge" operation, added the serviceStartDate and serviceEndDate fields to the request body.
  • Bill Run - In the "Email billing documents generated from bill run" operation, added the resend field to the request body.
  • Operations - In the "Invoice and collect" operation, made the following updates:
    • Added the creditMemos field and its nested fields to the response.
    • Added the zuora-version field to header parameters.
    • Added the documentDate and targetDate fields to the request body. These fields are in Zuora API version control and only available in Zuora REST API version 215.0 and later.
    • In the description of the invoiceDate and invoiceTargetDate fields, noted that these fields are in Zuora API version control and only available in Zuora REST API version 214.0 and earlier.


Doc Updates


This section lists the documentation updates that were made in this version of the API Reference.


  • In the "Generate an OAuth token" operation:
    • Added usage information in the description of the operation.
    • Updated the request parameter and response field descriptions.
    • Corrected the request MIME type. The MIME type must be application/x-www-form-urlencoded, with the client_id, client_secret, and grant_type parameters specified in the request body not the query string.
    • Corrected the description of the grant_type request parameter. This parameter is required.
    • Added the missing entityName request parameter.
  • Added the missing creditMemoId response field in the "Create subscription", "Update subscription", "Renew subscription", "Cancel subscription", "Resume Subscription", "Suspend Subscription", and "Create account" operations.
  • In the “CRUD: Create Account” operation, made the following updates:
    • Removed the Balance, CreditBalance, and TotalInvoiceBalance fields from the request body.
    • Corrected the BcdSettingOption field from required to optional.
  • In the "Get accounting period" and "Get all accounting periods" operations, corrected the type of the fileIds field from array to object.
  • In the “View attachments list” operation, enumerated the possible values of the object-type query parameter and corrected the description of the object-key query parameter.
  • In the “Add attachments”, “View attachments list”, and “View attachments” operations, linked to the “Get files” operation in the description of the fileId response field.
  • Updated the nextPage field by removing the global definition of this field for the operations that support pagination.
  • Updated the CURL sample in the "Generate an OAuth token" operation.
  • Updated the description of the pricingSummary field in the "Get product catalog" operation.
  • In the Authentication section, added OAuth as the recommended way to authenticate with the Zuora REST API services.
  • Removed several unsupported CRUD operations.
  • In the "CRUD: Get payment transaction log" operation, added operation summary, operation and field descriptions.
  • In the source YAML file, corrected the operationId property of the "Email credit memo" operation to POST_EmailCreditMemo.
  • In the source YAML file, corrected the tags property of the “Generate billing documents by account” operation from Billing Documents to Accounts.