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Re: API Changelog



API Updates


This section lists API operations and fields that were added, changed, or removed. The following API updates are available as of the July 2017 release, R214.


  • OAuth - Added a new operation for authenticating to Zuora REST API via OAuth.
  • Billing Documents - In the "Generate billing documents by account" operation, added the autoPost and subscriptionIds fields.
  • Credit Memos - In the "Get credit memo items" operation, added the fieldsFilterable and sort query parameters.
  • Debit Memos - In the "Get debit memo items" operation, added the fieldsFilterable and sort query parameters.


Doc Updates


This section lists the documentation updates that were made in this version of the API Reference.


  • In the source YAML file, removed “/v1” from the basePath and instead added “/v1" to individual endpoint paths. We did this because starting from this release, not all endpoints will contain “/v1”. Note that this update doesn’t change any existing endpoint URLs.
  • In the “Refund credit memo” operation, changed the “GETRefundType” reference object name to “GETRefundCreditMemoType” in the source YAML file.
  • Added the new URLs for the EU Data Center in the Endpoints section.
  • Added the following missing operations:
    • "Email invoice" - Sends posted invoices to the specified email addresses manually.
    • "Email credit memo" - Sends posted credit memos to the specified email addresses manually. 
    • "Email debit memo" - Sends posted debit memos to the specified email addresses manually.
  • Added the missing "Bill Runs" resource. This resource includes the "Email billing documents generated from bill run" operation to allow you to manually email all the billing documents that are generated from a specified bill run. 
  • In the "Create taxation items for credit memo", "Create taxation items for debit memo", "Update taxation item", and "Get taxation item" operations, added the missing sourceTaxItemId field.
  • Added the missing pageSize query parameter and the missing nextPage response field for the operations that support pagination.
  • Fixed the response structure of the "Query" and "QueryMore" operations by removing the result wrapper. 
  • Removed several unsupported CRUD operations.
  • Added the API Changelog section, with a link to the API Changelog in the Zuora Community.
  • Added the Concurrent Request Limits section in the Requests and Responses section, with a link to Concurrent Request Limits in the Zuora Knowledge Center.
  • Added the Data Type section in the HTTP Request Body section. This section recommends that you do not specify the decimal values with quotation marks, commas, and spaces for all actions and CRUD operations.
  • Fixed an incorrect object name in the Zuora Object Model section. Previously, the name of the Contact Snapshot object was incorrectly listed as Bill To Contact Snapshot. The corresponding API name ContactSnapshot remains correct.
  • In the "CRUD: Create Export" and "CRUD: Retrieve Export" operations:
    • Added a link to the "Get files" operation in the description of the FileId field.
    • Fixed the description of the Query field, with a link to Export ZOQL.
  • In the "Preview subscription" operation, noted that you must specify the country and state fields if you are using Zuora Tax and the country is USA or Canada.
  • In the "Get account summary" operation, corrected the description of the "Get account summary" operation. This operation does not return everything retrieved with the Get basic account information call. The response only includes the account information and a summary of the account’s subscriptions, invoices, payments, and usages for the last six recently updated subscriptions.
  • Removed the runBilling and collect fields from the "Create account" operation example. These fields are controlled by the REST API minor version.
  • Reduced the size of the body field in the response sample of the “CRUD: Retrieve Invoice” operation.
  • Removed the Terms of Service in the source YAML file.