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Re: API Changelog

This changelog outlines the latest REST API updates and documentation updates in the API Reference. We would love to hear your feedback on how we can improve it. If you have any comments on the API Changelog, please send an e-mail to docs@zuora.com. Thank you!




API Updates


This section lists operations and fields that were added, changed, or removed.


The following API updates are available as of Zuora Billing Release 274, April 2020.


  • Data Queries - In the response body of each of the following operations, added the createdBy nested field to the data field:
    • Submit data query
    • Get data query jobs
    • Get data query job
    • Cancel data query job


Doc Updates


This section lists the documentation updates that were made in this version of the API Reference.


  • In the "Settings" section, removed all the "In Development" notes.