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Activating Subset of Charges on a Subscription


We have a subscription with mutliple rate plan and rate plan charge IDs.

However, we want to turn on a subset of charges in the future, depending on a user action.

I was wondering how we can achieve this using the TriggerCondition and TriggerEvent?

Our subscription looks like this.

  • Subscription
    •  Rate Plan 1 
      •  Rate Plan Charge 1 - Triggered on Contract Effective Date
    •  Rate Plan 2
      •   Rate Plan Charge 2 - Triggered on a Specific date, date is TBD

So when we activate the subscription for March 1,2020, we only want Charge 1 to be on the invoice.

How can we achieve the same?

We are using the subscribes API - https://www.zuora.com/developer/api-reference/#operation/Action_POSTsubscribe