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Invalid client id



I am trying to call the Settings API.


I created an API only user and also created the client Id and secret. But when I use them to get the OAuth Bearer Token I get the message "Invalid client id" when trying to call "".


Other APIs seem to work. For example, I can call "" with my username and password. I can retrieve the products data.


Does anyone know why my Client ID looks bad? I have created a few of them...









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Re: Invalid client id

Hi Bill, 


Can you confirm you are trying to log into Production vs Sandbox?


The reason I ask, is the first url you posted is production ( and the other is sandbox.


For sanbox, oauth, use


If thats not the issue, please post the full api call (minus credentials) and we can troubleshoot from there.


Thank you,

Adam Godfrey
Zuora Global Services | Zuora Certified Consultant
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Re: Invalid client id