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Re: API Changelog

This changelog outlines the latest REST API updates and documentation updates in the API Reference. We would love to hear your feedback on how we can improve it. If you have any comments on the API Changelog, please send an e-mail to docs@zuora.com. Thank you!




Doc Updates


This section lists the documentation updates that were made in this version of the API Reference.


  • In the request body of the "CRUD: Update payment method" operation, updated the note of the AccountId field to say that, if a payment method is already associated with a customer account, you cannot update the payment method to associate it with another account ID.

  • In the request body of the "Create credit card payment method" operation, corrected the cardHolderInfo > cardHolderName field from optional to required.

  • In the introduction of the "Create payment method" operation, updated the description for the credit card method to emphasize that the cardHolderInfo > cardHolderName field in the request body is required for this type of payment method.

  • In the descriptions of the following actions, added the limitations of supported object types:

    • Create
    • Update
  • In the “Write off invoice” operation, simplified the request example.

  • In the response body of the “CRUD: Get rate plan charge” operation, corrected ServiceActivationDate to ServiceActivation in the description of the TriggerEvent field.