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Re: API Changelog

This changelog outlines the latest REST API updates and documentation updates in the API Reference. The changelog is a work in progress and we would love to hear your feedback on how we can improve it.


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API Updates


This section lists operations and fields that were added, changed, or removed.

The following API updates are available as of Zuora Release 246, May 2019.


  • Contacts - Added a new operation called “Scrub contact”.

  • Credit Memos - Added a new operation called “Upload file for credit memo”.

  • Debit Memos - Added a new operation called “Upload file for debit memo”.

  • Invoices - Made the following updates:

    • Added a new operation called “Upload file for invoice”.
    • In the response body of the “Get invoice items” operation, added the availableToCreditAmount nested field to the invoiceItems field and invoiceItems > taxationItems > data field.
    • In the response body of the “Get taxation items of invoice item” operation, added the availableToCreditAmount nested field to the data field.
  • Accounts - Changed the behavior of the “Generate billing documents by account” operation. You can now generate billing documents for all subscriptions except for cancelled and suspended subscriptions. Previously, you could only generate billing documents for active subscriptions.

  • Payment Methods - Made the following updates:

    • Removed the networkTransactionId field from the response body of the “Get stored credential profiles” operation.
    • Added the mitProfileAgreedOn field to the request body of the following operations:
      • Create payment method
      • Create credit card payment method
    • Added the agreedOn field to the request body of the “Create Stored Credential Profile” operation.
    • Added the MitProfileAgreedOn field to the request body of the “CRUD: Create payment method” operation.
  • Payment Gateway Reconciliation - Added the Payment Gateway Reconciliation section that includes the following operations:

    • Settle Payment
    • Reject Payment
    • Reverse Payment


Doc Updates


This section lists the documentation updates that were made in this version of the API Reference.


  • In the descriptions of the following operations, noted that these API operations are now in Limited Availability:

    • Get billing information for order
    • Request breakdown of invoice items by order
    • Get breakdown of invoice by order
    • Request breakdown of credit memo items by order
    • Get breakdown of credit memo by order
  • In the response body of the “CRUD: Get usage” operation, corrected the description of the CreatedDate field.

  • Renamed the Link Queries section to Data Queries. Also renamed the operations in this section:

    • Renamed “Submit Link query” to “Submit data query”.
    • Renamed “Get Link query jobs” to “Get data query jobs”.
    • Renamed “Get Link query job” to “Get data query job”.
    • Renamed “Cancel Link query job” to “Cancel data query job”.
  • In the source YAML file, renamed the following reference objects:

    • Renamed SubmitLinkQueryRequest to SubmitDataQueryRequest.
    • Renamed SubmitLinkQueryResponse to SubmitDataQueryResponse.
    • Renamed GetLinkQueryJobsResponse to GetDataQueryJobsResponse
    • Renamed GetLinkQueryJobResponse to GetDataQueryJobResponse.
    • Renamed DeleteLinkQueryJobResponse to DeleteDataQueryJobResponse.
    • Renamed LinkQueryJobCommon to DataQueryJobCommon.
    • Renamed LinkQueryJob to DataQueryJob.
    • Renamed LinkQueryJobCancelled to DataQueryJobCancelled.
    • Renamed LinkQueryErrorResponse to DataQueryErrorResponse.
  • Added the X-Zuora-WSDL-Version request header to the following actions:

    • Amend
    • Create
    • Delete
    • Execute
    • Generate
    • Query
    • QueryMore
    • Subscribe
    • Update