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Re: API Changelog



API Updates


This section lists API operations and fields that were added, changed, or removed. The following API updates are available as of Zuora Release 224, May 2018.


  • Invoices - Added the following new operations:
    • Write off invoice
    • Get invoice files
    • Get invoice items


Doc Updates


This section lists the documentation updates that were made in this version of the API Reference.


  • In the description of the “Get breakdown of credit memo by order” operation, noted that you can only use this operation to retrieve breakdowns of credit memos whose source value is BillRun or API.

  • Changed the Curl code sample in the “Create an event trigger” operation to be consistent with the samples in other languages.

  • In the source YAML file, replaced some parts of the following reference objects by new reference objects:

    • POSTPublicNotificationDefinitionRequest
    • PUTPublicNotificationDefinitionRequest
    • GETPublicNotificationDefinitionResponse

    The new reference objects are used in the following fields:

    • callout > calloutParams
    • filterRule > parameters
    • filterRuleParams
  • Removed the following unused definitions from the source YAML file:

    • POSTPublicCalloutRequest
    • PUTPublicCalloutRequest
    • GETPublicCalloutResponse
    • POSTPublicFilterRuleRequest
    • PUTPublicFilterRuleRequest
    • GETPublicFilterRuleResponse
    • POSTPublicCalloutOptionsRequest