Re: Seattle User Group Introductions

Hi there - My name is Megan Blumenthal and I am TUNE's Sales Operations Manager. My team and I are responsible for all tools/plugins related to operations enablement, focusing first on Sales, which includes Zuora for Salesforce. We currently use 360 but not quotes. In general, Zuora provides us the data we need to have transparency from finance to the org (thanks in part to Sjan!) but it definitely sits like a silo in Salesforce so we've had to get a bit creative to tie data together. 


We have not adopted quotes yet because we use a contract management system called SpringCM that also hosts those agreements, which Quotes does not offer natively. I'd be curious to know how folks are using quotes, is it in tandem with a CMS, unique, only for specific standardized pricing offers, etc. 


Excited for this group to grow and to start productive dialogue. I know our experience with Zuora has been riddled with turnover so at this point, I'd prefer to lean on other users than the Zuora team.