Feedback from Santa Barbara Chapter Meetup

At our last Zuora Santa Barbara meetup attendees were perplexed that all 4 companies represented did not have the same Account Rep. It seemed to us that there would be value with having a common Zuora thread (e.g. Account Rep) across the users in our community. I'd like to learn more on behalf of the SB Chapter to understand why this is not currently the case.
Zuora Staff

Re: Feedback from Santa Barbara Chapter Meetup

PML - Zuora's account management structure isn't geography based, but rather it's based on specific customer cohorts (which could happen to be regional), so that the right account managers are matched with the right customers based on things like needs, size, scale, and support so that Zuora can best support based on need, rather than grouping only by geography. We will continue to assess how we can deliver best-in-class customer account management and support.