Zuora Product Team

Re: Suggestions for a Boston visitor

It's been a while, so likely the locals can direct you even better, but the places I loved to visit when I lived in Boston area for 10 years were:

  1. Boston Common and Fanueil Hall - Boston downtown is remarkably walkable, so go for it. Want to make it sportier? You can rent roller-blades and go all over town (especially along the Charles River Esplanade).
  2. Harvard Square - yeah, they were our competition, but we still liked to hang out there, as the Harvard campus is really nice.
  3. Walden Pond - further out, you'll need to drive out here, but a gorgeous lake with great foliage and lots of history.

To eat, my favorite haunts were:

  1. Seafood @ Legal Seafoods: This is a Boston staple, just do it and get the Clam Chowda. If you want something really native though, go to No Name.
  2. Dim Sum in China town: China Pearl was what we settled on in the end, but there are just so many good choices, you can't go wrong.
  3. BBQ in Porter Square at Red Bones: best BBQ in the area, and perhaps beyond. When I'm in town, it's a stop I've gotta make.
  4. Italian @ North End: gorgeous neighborhood with great italian restaurants and desserts at Mike's Pastry.
  5. Irish Bars: can't miss that while in Boston, I'd recommend The Black Rose to get you started, sláinte!

So there, that should get folks to provide their faves. Smiley Happy