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About reserving your spot at User Summit Training and Breakout Sessions

Here are some details for those who are attending the User Summit on Day 1 and Breakout Sessions on Day 2 to ensure that you get a seat.


Day 1 User Sessions - Each room holds 100-150 people and we are just shy of 300 folks total who have said ‘yes’ to attending the Summit, so space should be fine. Reservations are not required, though I encourage everyone to start building their agendas in the app and selecting their desired sessions.

Day 2 Breakout Sessions - All of the breakouts are first-come, first served with the exception of our specialty sessions – CIO Exchange, CFO Summit, Transformation Track, and ASC 606 workshop. The first two sessions have a separate registration process that our CFO and CIO are leading in addition to the regular registration site. The latter two sessions are for Full Access pass holders only and registrants can choose one (since they’re happening at the same time on Day 2) or N/A if you're not interested. Both sessions are nearing capacity and if you haven't marked this in your registration account, please do so ASAP. Pre-registered attendees will get priority at the door of each session.

Lana Lee | Senior Community Manager and Strategist
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