Agenda, mobile app

I'm finding the published agenda, and the mobile app, to be very confusing, and it's hard to plan my agenda.


When I try to find my way to the agenda in a desktop browser, I search and go to From there I would like to click on SF 2017, because I am already registered, but the only link there is to register. So I click register now, and I have to scroll past lots of stuff to find the three day agenda. But the three days expand without linking to a new url, so if I click into details for a workshop, then click back, I end up at the top of all that irrelevant stuff, and have to laboriously find my way back to the three rows that are labeled Day 1 Day 2 Day 3.


Then I see USER SUMMIT – ADVANCED TRAINING for Day 1 (after opening Day 1, but browser does not open a new page). Underneath is "view all tracks for Day 1". Does this apply to day 1? Or just to advanced training? Are the sessions that I see there in parallel with some other sessions for Day 1? Or just each of the tracks is in parallel? Perhaps I want to see some things from more than one track; where can I see a matrix so I now what events are at the same time?


OK, I hoped that the mobile app would be helpful. It's not. Well, there is a page "zuora subscribed 2017 agenda at a glance". But I want to see that big, not on my little phone. Google searching that phrase comes up empty.


I can click on events in My Agenda on the phone. But it doesn't complain if they are at the same time. And where are those tracks mentioned on the web page?


OK, back to the browser, looking at the tracks. I click into the developer track. There's apparently a persona filter. But no "devleloper" persona. Let's try operations. Applying Operations persona to developer track yields empty set. Oh, I guess "developer" == "IT".


Very frustrating. Perhaps when I arrive at Subscribed next week there will be a printed agenda, in the form of a matrix, so I can choose events ad hoc during the day (and hopefully not be prevented from entering because events were filled by pre-registered attendees)?