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Amazon Echo Sweepstakes at Community Booth

Amazon Echo Sweepstakes



In addition to the community roundtable discussions where you can talk to experts you normally see in the Community - either other customers like @feisley (Appspace) and  @leemariemcmahon (formerly of Demandforce) or our own experts like Zuora finance expert @monique - we'll be having a sweepstakes drawing each day for an Amazon Echo.


All you need to do is drop your business card into our plastic entry bowl at the booth and we'll draw for the winner at the end of each of our Community Roundtable sessions:

The winner will be contacted by phone to pick up the Amazon Echo by the end of the day. If no one claims the prize, we'll draw for those still in attendance until there's a winner.


See you at Subscribed and good luck!



Lana Lee | Senior Community Manager and Strategist
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