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Re: Group Introductions!



Hm... I think I've heard of Sotta Mare - that's around North Beach right? I've gotta check that place out!  I always get tempted by the Italian restaurants in that area, haha!  I love bread too much 😞


Zante Pizza & Indian Cuisine sounds pretty interesting.  There's a place where I live now in the East Bay that's like that - they serve Indian pizza and burgers and it's actually pretty good!  At the place where I've been, they season the fries with Indian spices (not sure which ones) and so they've got a different kick to them.  


To get there - avoid taking a car ride because traffic is terrible in our area! Instead, you could easily hop on BART ( at Powell Street Station (across from the hotel inside the Westfield Mall) and then get off at either 24th and Mission or Glen Park station and walk there - it should be around a $2 ride and take you around 5-7 mins on a weekday schedule and then you can walk there.  If I wasn't so busy with the community booth, I'd probably join you 😛


You can never go wrong with Dim Sum in SF Chinatown 🙂   If you like egg tarts, check out Golden Gate Bakery. There's always a line outside of the door for their pastries, but they're quite yummy and fresh.




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