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Preview of the Advanced Training Sessions (Day 1)

From the Subscribed website, here’s a preview of the advanced training sessions you can anticipate:


Billing and Payment Operations

Unlocking the Full Functionality of Zuora’s Billing & Payment Engines; Essential Reports for Understanding and Managing Billing & Payments; Tools to Support International Expansion


Finance Operations

Understanding Zuora’s New ASC 606 & IFRS 15 Revenue Recognition Solutions; Prevent Subscriber Churn with Zuora Insights; More Efficient Finance Reporting


Zuora Administrators

An Admin’s Guide to Hacking Notifications; Generate Complex Quotes; Mastering Zuora Reports for Advanced Admin Use Cases



Solving Use Cases with Zuora APIs; Zuora for Salesforce Customization; Developing Connect Apps


Pricing & Growth

Agile Pricing & Packaging with Zuora; Using Zuora Insights to Identify New Growth Opportunities; Real-time Usage Rating & Threshold Notifications


New to Zuora

Zuora Functional Training & Best Practices for Beginners; The Basics of Zuora Reporting; Save Time on Critical Tasks with Zuora Connect

Lana Lee | Senior Community Manager and Strategist
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