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Re: 1st Annual Zuora User Summit

More details about the User Summit:


  • Billing & Payment Operations - Automate recurring billing and tax compliance, advanced AR settlement, customize invoices, manage billing and payment reports.
  • Zuora Administrators - Perform complex quotes, measure subscription bookings, pull user data, reporting for audit/compliance.
  • Pricing & Growth Managers - Discounts and free trials, evaluate effectiveness of pricing strategies with Zuora reporting, capture new revenue opportunities, real-time usage rating, optimize your product catalog.
  • Finance Operations - Create GL segmentation rules, new ASC 606/IFRS 15 revenue recognition, predict and measure churn, generate revenue detail reports, create payments in bulk.
  • IT/Developers - Create custom applications and integrations, troubleshoot for error handling, reporting APIs...and introducing our first San Francisco Subscribed Hackathon!
  • New to Zuora - Create a product catalog, establish billing workflow, generate a payment run, create quotes, run and customize reports.

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