Re: [Social Thread] When is everyone arriving?

@MaggieL and myself are arriving Monday at 9:30pm at SFO airport and then flight leaves Thrusday morning at 10:40am.  We already have dinner plans for Wedneday.  I love trying new restaurants and I'm sure I posted this last year, but I had a great time a few years ago at Soto Mare.  Last year I went to get dumplings at Hang Ah Dim Sum Tea House.  Open to new suggestions to try this year!


I've used the Bart to get from the airport to the hotel, cheap and easy to use.  If anyone wants to share a ride or sit on the bart with us to/from the airport, let me know.


Not a runner, but I do workout at the gym, so if anyone needs someone to motivate them to workout while at a confernece, let me know, I'll do my best.