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[Social Thread] When is everyone arriving?

For those who are descending upon San Francisco for Subscribed from out of town, when will you be arriving to the area?


I'll be there on Sunday and will have some prepping to do on Monday, but would love to meet up with some Community members before the event.


Also, this is the thread to reach out to your fellow members to ask questions relating to transportation, food, what to see, etc.  as well as a place to connect, socially.  E.g. are you someone who enjoys a morning run, but aren't sure where to venture?  Perhaps you're new in town and are interested in checking out the local sites? << I'd be up for that! 


Please note that these impromptu, casual events will *not* be sponsored by Zuora.  I just thought it'd be fun for us to connect while we're here.

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