Re: Quick question - Is there a way to export the summary format version of a report ?

@tim thanks for your notes, we have made appropriate reporting roles but as @chris mentioned as well, there are some remaining enhancements to the rest of the platform needed:


Screenshot 2016-06-27 19.56.01.png


The main issue here is that we really need two additional roles for the other modules like Z-Billing and Z-Finance: Read-Only and No Access. Now for some this is possible since the role for Z-Finance for example can restrict access entirely but the same is not yet true for Z-Billing.


And Chris you hit the nail on the head... in my ideal view we could grant reporting access only to a user and they would be taken right to reporting if that was the extent of their rights. That would satisfy 90% of our needs right there. The remaining 10% would be ehnanced by being able to granualarly share reports with subgroups of people.


All of this would likely be enhanced by having the concept of groups in Zuora platform so you could relate permissions / shares to a group rather than many named users. But that is a far larger request.